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Digital Presentation Tools

Create and share visual ideas online


Make the web tell a story by collecting posts, music, pictures and news from across the web

Google Chrome

Use your student account to log in and have access to docs, drive, sheets, forms and more!


Create interactive presentations in this web-hosted presentation builder


Online presentation build that allows you to screen shot and record a voice-over.  Very simple to use!

Library Media Center

Our Library Media Center Mission

     The mission of Golden Sierra Junior Senior High School Media Center is to ensure that students are effective users of information and ideas through the support and enrichment of curriculum and personal interests.  With equitable access to a teacher librarian, current technologies and materials, practical experiences, relevant programs, instruction and access to digital tools, students will learn to access, evaluate and use information effectively. Providing these experiences will help students to become independent, responsible, lifelong learners prepared for the challenges of the 21st century.

The Information Hub of the High School

The Golden Sierra High School library strives to be a place where students learn to:

Recognize the need for information

Formulate appropriate research questions

Identify and locate a variety of resources online and in other formats using effective search strategies

Retrieve information in a timely, safe, and responsible manner

Evaluate and analyze information

Independently pursue information to become lifelong learners

(from the 2010 California State Library Standards)

Homework Resources
Contact Angela Schroeder  Angela Schroeder Librarian / English / Activities

Golden Sierra High Library Catalog

Connect to the high school library catalog! You can also use your school issued Google email and create your own password to hold, reserve and renew materials. 

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El Dorado County Library: Resources for Coursework and ebooks

Great Apps for Sharing a Presentation