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Swimming with Whale Sharks
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   In the above image a whale shark swims with the Heinz family. Taken by Gary Heinz.

 "My favorite part of swimming with the whale sharks would have to be interacting with them."
- Tyr Heins, Brother
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An underwater snorkeling adventure.
By Anna Heinz
  Staff reporter
     LA PAZ- On January 8, 2023 the Heinz family, including Brianna  Heinz, Tyr Heinz, Gary Heinz, Luisa Heinz, and Madii Heinz went snorkeling with whale sharks in La Paz, BCS.
     The family of five went snorkeling with Cantamar. They checked in and left on a small boat around noon. The Heinz family had many different reactions to the activity.
     According to Briana Heinz, "I really enjoyed seeing the whale sharks because they were cute and reminded me of drawings I used to do. However, I did not enjoy having to do all the work to swim out to them."
     Tyr Heinz said said "My favorite part of swimming with the whale sharks would have to be interacting with them. Although, I did not enjoy Madii thinking she was drowning when she could breathe." 
     Luisa Heinz said "I liked seeing them up close. I really enjoyed seeing all their spots up close because they were very cute. I did not like how I fell on the boat and that everything was in a hurry and I felt rushed." 
     Gary Heinz responded to the question by saying "I liked seeing the remoras on them and getting close to them. I did not like the poor visibility and colder than summer-time water."
     The Heinz family said if they could have done anything different they would have "been more organized" so that they would not have been in such a hurry and so "we could use our own equipment."
     The Heinz family largely enjoyed their snorkeling trip they just wish they had been more prepared. 

Everything Everywhere All at Once
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"Highly enjoyable,"
- Liberty W.
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An honest review of Everything Everywhere All at Once
  Website Editor
     GARDEN VALLEY, CA. ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ is a 2022 film directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinart. The movie has an overall rating of 4.3, and is overall very humorous and sad in a sense. 
     The film casts Michelle Yeoh as Evelyn, Ke Huy Quan as Waymond, and Stephanie Hsu as Joy. Evelyn, Waymond, and Joy are the main characters in this film.
     The sci-fi comedy movie is depicted in three parts. One is Everything, two is Everywhere, and three is All at Once. 
     We asked Liberty W. what she thought about this film and she described it as, “Highly enjoyable albeit confusing.”
     Everything Everywhere All at Once is definitely a confusing movie, the dimensional jumps and lore can be a little bit confusing. Once you understand what’s going on and why the movie becomes hilarious and entertaining.
     In the movie, it has parts that aren’t the most appropriate but it adds to the humor factor. While it’s rich in comedy, it’s also rich in tenderness and has sad moments as well.
     Overall, the film is amazing. It has Asian representation, and looks into relationship strain between parents and their children all while dealing with humor.

Avatar: The Way of Water Review
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“There were way too many blue people” -Maiah Liddicoat 
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                     Staff Reporters 
     This reviewer watched Avatar: The Way of Water on January 7. As a reviewer she very much enjoyed the movie. She liked that they made everything super realistic and that there was never a boring moment. The long runtime of the movie allowed it to fit so many more details.

     This person watched the movie on January 16. This reviewer decided the opposite of the first reviewer believing the movie was not enjoyable. 
     She believed the movie was too long, making it hard to stay entertained. The one thing this reviewer liked about the movie was the creativity but stated there was no realism.

     Frankie Robertson watched the movie on January 7. She stated it was amazing and better than the first one for sure. Frankie said her favorite part was “all the hot guys.” Frankie did not like the lack of romance; she believes it would be better with more “hot scenes.” When asked if she recommended it she said “oh hell yeah.”
     Maiah Liddicoat watched Avatar 2 on January 24. She really did not enjoy the movie. She believed sitting through 3 hours of a movie was not worth it. “My attention span is way too short to sit that long.” She shared that she thought the CGI could have been better, but liked that it was still better than the first movie. She recommends this movie for “boring people.”

     Amelia O’Harra watched the movie on December 22. It was “elegantly awesome.” Mimi said she can’t pick a favorite part because she loved all of it way too much. She didn’t like that there were some emotional and relatable moments that made her sad. She would 100% recommend it to people because it’s her favorite movie. 

‘The Menu’ (2022) Review: Anya Taylor-Joy Shines in a Sharp as a Knife Satirical Thriller about the Food Industry 
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Rating: ⅘ stars
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The black comedy skewers foodie culture while simultaneously entertaining audiences with thrilling plot twists and smart comedy.
     Mark Mylod’s ‘The Menu’ joins ‘Knives Out,’ ‘Glass Onion,’ ‘Parasite,’ and ‘Us’ among many others as yet another addition to the “Eat the Rich” genre of cinema criticizing high-brow elitists. Through sharp as a knife humor and shocking suspense, Mylod targets and satirizes a very specific subset of the extreme 1% through a wild, thrilling, and hilarious depiction of the restaurant world. 
     Macho finance bros, snobby food critics, down-on-their-luck celebrities, and self-professed “foodies” meet within the cold, clinical walls of Chef Julian Slowik’s remote restaurant Hawthorn to experience a lavish tasting menu only to be met with shocking surprises.
     One unexpected and unwelcome addition to the group is Margot, played beautifully by Anya Taylor-Joy. Margot, whose real name is Erin, is an escort hired by self-proclaimed foodie Tyler, played by Nicholas Hoult. Other restaurant guests include Lillian, a haughty food critic revered - or despised - for her famously restaurant-ruining reviews,  and her editor Ted; wealthy and unappreciative regulars Richard and Anne; washed-up celebrity George Diaz and his personal assistant, Felicity; macho business partners Soren, Dave, and Bryce; and Slowik’s mother, Linda, who has a clear alcohol addiction. The ensemble also includes Chef Slowik and his staff. Ralph Fiennes’ portrayal of a tortured artist discontented with his consumers is simultaneously shocking and hilarious.
     Through the film’s ten courses, the guests are skewered and grilled in Chef Slowik’s display of his discontent with the food world, with the notable exception of Margot. As a fellow member of the service industry, Slowik regards Margot differently - part of why she is the only one to ultimately survive Slowik’s reign of terror.
     Through smart humor, thrilling scares, and fascinating, often deeply annoying characters, ‘The Menu’ never ceases to entertain.

New Teacher at Golden Sierra 
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 -Sara Murphy

“She is very organized and helps me understand the  material.” -Maiah Liddicoat 
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                    Staff Reporters 
     Garden Valley, Ca- Golden Sierra Highschool, Sara Murphy is a new teacher this year at Golden Sierra. She teaches freshman and sophomore English.
     Murphy went to school at Quincy Junior- Senior High School. She went on to Chico State University. She also went to Feather River College, located in Plumas County. 
     She worked at Portola Junior-Senior High School before working here. Murphy loved the job at Portola but was ready for a change.
     Sara moved here because her Boyfriend got a new job. She found out she got this job in April 2022. She chose this job because she came from a small school and wanted to stay at a small school. When we asked Sara how it was to move here she stated, “It’s hard to adjust but it’s fun.” 
     Murphy seems to be a great teacher. She is very liked by her students and I think we are lucky to have her here.

Mel’s Diner Review
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“Delicious, with brilliant service.”
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Opinions on Mel’s Diner and their history
        Staff Reporter
     GARDEN VALLEY, CA. Mel’s Diner is a restaurant chain with 22 locations in Northern California and Northern Nevada. 
     The first location was established in 1947 in San Francisco, California and has since grown. At the time, it was inspired by restaurants serving motorists in Los Angeles.
     People we talked to are most familiar with the Auburn, CA location, which has some  town exclusive items.     
     One of the people we interviewed, Liberty W. says, “Their food is pretty good for a restaurant chain, and their servers are always kind and give lovely service.”
     Lindy B. said “Mel’s food is delicious, with brilliant service” and, “I have been to Mel’s Diner on several occasions and they never miss.”
     The general consensus for Mel’s Diner is overall positive! The energy of the diner adds to the charm Mel’s has, on top of the food and the service.

 Flushed away 
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 “Flushed away is finally on Netflix! Everyone should watch this movie.”
- SHEldy
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                          Staff Reporter
     Flushed Away was released in the United States
By Paramount Pictures on November 3, 2006.
The plot of Flushed Away is a crazy one with an uptown rat that ends up getting flushed down the toilet by a very jealous rat that was found on the streets.
     The rat then ended up in the sewers of London, where he has to learn so many new things and adjust to a different way of living compared to his penthouse life he is used to. 
     The film really serves good entertainment with colorful 
cast and many plot twists throughout the movie. The cast that Paramount Pictures chose for this movie matched the characters to  a T.
     Some of the cast members were Hugh Jackman (Roddy),  Kate Winslet (Rita), Bill Nighy (Whitey), and Shane Richie (Aid).
     During this movie there were some parts when it felt a bit drawn out. With the amazing voice acting and the detail 
in the drawings, the movie really did hold the audience’s attention and kept everyone on the edge of their seat.
     Sheldy stated “Flushed away is finally on Netflix! Everyone should watch this movie.”
     Despite the film's minor shortcomings the movie Flushed Away is really exciting, creative, and wholesome. This movie really is worth watching.